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Melissa Stephens

Melissa Stephens is a native of London, Ontario and a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she received degrees in both music and education in addition to an associate diploma from the Western Conservatory of Music.

A resident of Haliburton for over twenty years, Melissa spends her time as a high school teacher, private music teacher, and choir director/organist at two local churches.

Melissa is known for her tireless involvement in the arts. Summer residents are familiar with her as a performer, accompanist, and sometimes musical director of the Highlands Summer Festival.

She has been musical director of the Highlands Festival Singers (formerly the Haliburton Messiah Choir) since its inception in 1992, and is also the director of the Highlands Male Chorus, the North Hastings Community Choir in Bancroft, and the College Community Choir of Lindsay.

Her choirs have tackled such works as Handel’s Messiah, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, and Vivaldi’s Gloria.

Executive Committee


Director: Melissa Stephens

President: Beth Kipping

Past President: Victoria Bingham

Vice-President: n/a

Secretary: Marsha Sweet

Treasurer: Norma Goodger

Member-at-Large: Joan Hawley

Member-at-Large: Patti Huubert

Member-at-Large: Linda Boore


In Memoriam

The song is ended but the melody lingers on. – Irving Berlin

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