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The beginning of the Chorus occurred when, at a rehearsal of the Haliburton Messiah Choir, the men sang an arrangement of Unchained Melody and Bob Thompson, a choir member, said we needed to do something with that wonderful sound. The idea took hold and it was not long before a small group approached Melissa Stephens, the conductor of the choir, to ask her to conduct a new male chorus on the basis that the men would do all the work and organization. Betty Mills, an accomplished pianist, was then asked if she would be the accompanist. Both ladies agreed.

An organizational meeting was held on April 16, 2003 with Ron Clark, Bruce Doige, Melissa Stephens, Bob Thompson, Dick Thompson and Bill Wark. A temporary executive was formed, a logo was designed by Dick Thompson, rehearsal dates suggested and the work of finding members began.

On June 2, 2003 a general meeting with Melissa, Betty and 24 choristers was held. The name of Highlands Male Chorus was selected and rehearsal dates confirmed with the first rehearsal to take place on September 9, 2003. With the generous financial assistance of the Haliburton Messiah Choir and an invitation to open their November 2003 concert, the Highland Male Chorus was born.

The chorus has performed annually, early in the year, at the Northern Lights Pavillion in Haliburton from 2004 to the present and have had performances in Haliburton with The Concordia Choirs of Kitchener and the Hochdahler Male Chorus from Germany and in Lindsay with the Community Choir. They have also performed in the Male Chorus Association's BIG SING in Lindsay.

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